Why Green Screen

I know most photographers do not like green screen photography. If I Google green screen photography, I hate the look of the photos I see too. The internet is full of photos that are clearly people stuck in front of a backdrop they are not part of. Many photographers are turned off by the green cast that a green backdrop may produce.

For me it is the challenge of producing a photo that looks natural, or something that looks like it took hours in Photoshop, but with instantly results. I love the creative side of coming up with a idea, taking the background photos and editing in Photoshop. Then the real fun comes when I have my kids pose for photos and see instant results. All the backgrounds are set up to require no post processing so its just take the photo, make slight position adjustments and boom you are done.

My kids are the driving force behind my backgrounds. One week they may want to be a firefighter and the next a superhero. What you can create with green screen is totally up to you and does not need to look like “green screen”.

Please follow me and leave comments on what you would like to see and how I may help you out

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