MyStorybookStudio 2.0

Hello everyone, thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog even though it has not been updated in a long time.  Life has been crazy and time has been short.  My boys are now in school full days and I now have a new chunk of time.  So I am going to start things back up and get back to making green screen backgrounds and overlays.   My blog is getting a new start as well so I am calling this MyStoryBookStudio 2.0.  I have collected fresh new ideas on post and topics that are waiting to come to life.

Please keep your eyes open for these topics

The down side of Green Screen

Removing people from backgrounds without green screen(basic)

Removing people from background without green screen (advanced)

Using overlays

Lighting Effects

Green Screen, Green Objects

Green Screen in the classroom

Selecting a background

Green Screen Photo booth

Making backgrounds

Green Screen software Reviews

Photoshop look without photoshop

Please come back to my blog and keep a eye out for updates.

Have a topic you would like covered.  Please leave a comment below


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