Back From Fiji

I am back from Fiji and it was a great trip.  We stayed at the Navini Island Resort, the perfect getaway location.  The island is only about 5 acre and only has 10 bures, usually under 20 guest.  Great sandy beaches just outside the bures with a very friendly staff.  Nice reef around the island for some good snorkeling, just watch out for low tide.

We also took a side trip to Garden of the Sleeping Giant on Nadi, Fiji

Feel free to contact me with questions about the trip and island.

Etsy Product Photography Done with Green Screen($5 setup)

I love Etsy, there are some great shops with  great owners.  Most of the guides I have read say that product photography is one of the keys to selling your goods.  I have seen many product “studio” setups posted have not seen anything like my $5 green screen studio so thought I would share it.

Yep that is it, not much to it.  Most of the work will be done in your phone.  No computer or camera needed.


  • Green construction paper
  • White paper or reflector
  • Iphone or Ipad
  • Green screen app (Green Screen Wizard)
  • Room with soft light

Here is my is my lighting

I know most of you have been told you need a professional camera, lighting and Photoshop, but why.    Today’s  phone cameras are great little cameras.  They do a great job of focus and getting good color.  Professional cameras have larger sensors that give you that wonderful blurry background.  In product photography you want everything in focus.  With a professional camera you will need to select a smaller F-stop to keep everything in focus.  When you do this more light will be needed to get the correct exposure.  Once you add more light extra care must be taken to prevent shadows.  Yes, this can be corrected in post-processing but why.

I use a $5 green screen phone app to get this same effect.  Photo’s are taken with my phone.  The app can remove the background and now I can add any background I want.  From my phone I can upload the photos directly to Etsy with no need resizing them.  This has been a great time saver for me and I have been happy with the results.

Tips for getting the best results

  • Avoid shadows– With soft natural light often you will have very little shadow.  The software will have a harder time creating a clean background if shadows are present.  I used a white paper to reflect light back to get rid of the small shadow I had.  For better results I would have used a reflector but wanted to use things everyone has around the house.
  • Position any shadows you have–  Even with careful light you may still have a shadow.  try to hide this shadow behind the product if you can.
  • Make small adjustments in software–  When using the green screen app make small adjustments at a time.  The default setting is pretty good but you may have to increase the green removal.  Do not go crazy and turn it all the way down, details will be lost in your product.
  • A simple background–  With this method your product can be placed against any background.  Keep in mind you do not want to misrepresent the size of your product.  It would be easy to make a ring look the size of a house in backgrounds are chosen poorly.  I like a simple solid color.

All photos taken with a Iphone and Green Screen Wizard app.  Other green screen apps are available but I have not tested them yet.

Would love to see and hear about your results with this setup, please post below.

Why Green Screen

I know most photographers do not like green screen photography. If I Google green screen photography, I hate the look of the photos I see too. The internet is full of photos that are clearly people stuck in front of a backdrop they are not part of. Many photographers are turned off by the green cast that a green backdrop may produce.

For me it is the challenge of producing a photo that looks natural, or something that looks like it took hours in Photoshop, but with instantly results. I love the creative side of coming up with a idea, taking the background photos and editing in Photoshop. Then the real fun comes when I have my kids pose for photos and see instant results. All the backgrounds are set up to require no post processing so its just take the photo, make slight position adjustments and boom you are done.

My kids are the driving force behind my backgrounds. One week they may want to be a firefighter and the next a superhero. What you can create with green screen is totally up to you and does not need to look like “green screen”.

Please follow me and leave comments on what you would like to see and how I may help you out

Welcome to My Storybook Studio

Welcome to My Storybook Studio,  I am a hobby photographer who use to enjoy wildlife photography.  With two young boys I found it hard to get out to enjoy my hobby.  I wanted a way to still have fun with photography and spend time with my family.  That’s when my new love for green screen started.  After working with green screen for about a year I found it hard to find backgrounds online that I really liked.  Too many backgrounds just looked like a cutout of a image stuck to a background.  So this year I have started making my own backgrounds and I can now tell you green screen does not need to look bad.  With the right backgrounds and overlays you can have instant results that you and your kids will love.  Please follow me while I create fun green screen backgrounds and show you how to use them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Please leave comments on what you think and
what you would like to see